Michael Gambon joins E4 for Bad Robots


Sir Michael Gambon has been confirmed as the voice of the eponymous vengeful robot in E4’s brand-new hidden camera show from Objective Productions, Bad Robots.

The six-part comedy series, due to air on E4 in early November, takes a compelling look at our increased reliance on machines and continued exasperation with them, using new technology to create hilariously infuriating situations and computer-generated pranks. – E4

A host of demonic robots, from argumentative vending machines to patently biased pub quiz machines, abusive electronic road signs to a spray tan booth that loves to spray you (but not the colour you want…) are all intent on giving their human users a really hard time.

Fictional company Tezcorp Industries is behind the technological revolt with Sir Michael Gambon’s eponymous Bad Robot leading the mission to create chaos. The first episode in the series will see student union member Barney lose his cool when posting a fragile wedding package; a member of the public being offered the opportunity to get a dodgy passport photo printed on a shower curtain, and unfortunate drivers battling with an automated parking ticket machine – all with side-splitting consequences.

Created by BAFTA-winning producer Nathan Eastwood, Bad Robots shows us what happens when the machines rebel and reveals that there is nothing more hilarious, nor more enduring, than the human spirit when confronted by a bad robot. – E4

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