Bets on S Club 7 ‘comeback single’

S Club 7

A bookmaker has put bets on S Club 7 making a chart comeback following the news they’re, like Boyzone seven years ago, are to reunite for Children In Need.

“The atmosphere in Power Tower has hit fever pitch today as fully grown men have fainted at the prospect of S club 7’s reunion for Children In Need. The pop group have decided to make nightmares dreams come true and re-live their glory days, when Miami 7 was on BBC and Rachel Stevens was single.” – A Paddy Power spokesperson

Bookmaker Paddy Power reckons that if the Children In Need performance goes well and the group get a positive reaction from fans, a comeback single and possibly a concert are on the cards. S Club 7 have had 4 previous UK number one singles and 1 UK number one album. Paddy Power goes 3/1 that the comeback will lead to a new number one single in the BBC Radio chart and 10/1 about a number one album.

If there does happen to be an arena tour as a result, the bookmaker has quoted 16/1 that S Club 7 will sell out Wembley Stadium as the headline act in 2015.

“I for one, am thrilled at the prospect of S Club 7’s return. As the old saying goes, there ain’t no party like an S Club party.” – A Paddy Power spokesperson

S Club 7 to have a UK No.1 album in 2015 according to the BBC Radio 1 chart     10/1

S Club 7 to have a UK No.1 single in 2015 according to the BBC Radio 1 chart       3/1

S Club 7 to sell out a concert in Wembley Stadium in 2015                                       16/1

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