CBS is reducing the number of episodes of CSI it has ordered.

TVLine reports that the broadcaster has decided to cut back the number of episodes that will make up the forensic’ dramas 15th season on-air. For the first time ever CSI will not have the standard 22 episodes in its season; CBS has cut the show back to 18 episodes.

The fifth season of CSI is currently airing on Sunday evenings where it has seen a fall in ratings – having moved from Wednesday evenings. TVLine report though the reduction of episodes is not down to ratings but the number of programmes CBS has lined up to air – it needs to make room in the schedules to air them.

CSI was once a mighty ratings titan for CBS commanding huge audiences and spawning several spin-offs. However, as the years have progressed its ratings have fallen and its spin-offs have been axed; CSI Miami in 2012 and CSI: NY in 2013.

However, a new spin-off is being launched this season; CSI Cyber will launch early next year and star Patricia Arquette and James Van Der Beek. It is the first new CSI spin-off to be launched since 2004.

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