Trollied Series 4

Britain’s favourite television supermarket, Valco, is back open for business in a fourth series Trollied, starting on Sky 1 next week.

Along with series regulars Gavin, Margaret, Colin, Lisa, Sue, Linda, Ian and, who can forget, Neville, a few fresh faces will be hitting the shop floor hoping to serve you right. Need some medical advice? Then pharmacist Brian (Stephen Tompkinson) is your man, bringing a whole new chemistry to the store.

Colin and Lisa’s world, meanwhile, is shaken by the arrival of Colin’s nan Rose (Miriam Margolyes), and Gavin’s got his hands full with Harry (Jack Carroll), 16, a first jobber who likes to wind up his colleagues. Last to join the Valco team are Daniel (Samuel Anderson), the Warrington branch’s new assistant manager, and Charlotte (Aisling Bea), the hopeless daughter of Valco’s owner and, thus, heiress to the entire empire.

“It’s character-driven, which I really like and, when I watched the episodes they sent me, I thought, I’d quite like to be a part of that.” – Miriam Margolyes

Trollied returns with a raft of newbies in episode one of series four and and Colin is horrified when he recognises one of the fresh faces strolling down the aisle – it’s his nan, Rose! The seemingly sweet pensioner only wants the best for her grandson, but ends up making his (and Gavin’s) life a misery after meddling in management matters. Pharmacist Brian, meanwhile, takes on an unlikely sidekick in Margaret, sorry, Nurse Margaret.

“I’d seen the show and liked it a lot. I’ve been doing DCI Banks for a while now and, this year, was looking to do some comedy. Banks rarely cracks a smile so this is a nice antithesis. Plus, the fact that I’d never done anything forSky.” – Stephen Tompkinson

Trollied returns to Sky 1 on Monday the 3rd of November at 8.30pm

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