The Apprentice: Lord Sugar fires warning shot to remaining contestants

Alan Sugar, BBC

The remaining contestants on this year’s The Apprentice have been warned by Lord Sugar that the contest has no room for ‘deadwood’.

Week four of the competition saw the two teams compete for online views by creating their own videos and a channel on YouTube. Team Summit, lead by Solomon Akhtar won with their ‘Dare to Dine’ videos. Team Tenacity ‘Fat Daddy Fitness Hell’ failed to impress leaving Ella Jade Bitton feeling the heat for leading the team to a loss.

She chose to bring back Steven Ugoalah and Sarah Dales back into the boardroom. Although both put a good fight as to why they should stay, they were fired by Lord Sugar. As Ella thought she was safe, Lord Sugar shocked her and viewers alike by firing her too.

Ella said: “When I saw Steven and Sarah leave, I thought I might have been given a chance to prove myself. It was a complete shock to be fired as well.”

The boss then phoned the house to let the other candidates know that this year he mean’s business and ‘deadwood’ will not be carried through the competition. Next week the remaining candidates will operate a coach tour.

The Apprentice continues Wednesday’s at 9.00pm on BBC One.

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