Kate Humble and Jason Byrne become ‘Wild Things’ for Sky 1

Sky 1Springwatch presenter Kate Humble and comedian Jason Byrne are to host Sky 1’s six part entertainment show, Wild Things which is set to air on the channel in 2015.

“We’re chuffed to be welcoming both Kate and Jason to the channel to anchor the utterly bonkers and hilarious Wild Things. The show is like nothing we’ve seen before – with a blend of giant woodland creatures, bickering couples and pots of gold; it’s a big daft slice of genius.” – Adam MacDonald, Sky 1 Channel Director

Wild Things is a new family entertainment show, which features teams – pairs of relations or couples – undertaking a range of challenges on a gigantic woodland obstacle course in order to get the chance to walk away with a fortune in gold coins buried deep within the Wild Wood.

To begin one member of each team is nominated as the Wild Thing, which means they must wear a woodland protection suit designed to look like a cute woodland animal; be it an owl, a stag, a duck or even a mole. Unfortunately this means that not only do they look ridiculous but also that they cannot see a thing, so they will need their partner to guide them to safety and victory.

“I’m really proud to be a part of Wild Things, one of the funniest and ‘funnest’ shows I’ve ever worked on. It’s not often I cry laughing at a badger bashing a duck while an owl bowls them over to the ground. But then again, who wouldn’t find that funny? That’s the magic of Wild Things; even the hardest heart will laugh loudly at this show.” – Jason Byrne

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