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A+E Networks UK has commissioned a two-hour special, The Battle of Waterloo presented by Sean Bean.

The documentary will air on HISTORY in the UK on the 200th anniversary of the battle in June 2015. The Battle of Waterloo will use evidence from historical eyewitness accounts alongside analysis from present day military experts, offering a ground-level perspective and an intriguing insight into the events of June 1815.

Sean Bean was the eponymous star of Sharpe, the ITV series based on Bernard Cornwell’s novels about fictional British soldier, Richard Sharpe, set during the Napoleonic wars. The Sharpe series covered the periods from 1809 to 1818, with the Battle of Waterloo series premiering in the UK in 1997.

“I am excited to be following in the footsteps of Sharpe and those who fought in the Battle of Waterloo, to tell the story of this iconic battle, on HISTORY.” – Sean Bean

Working with a team of present‐day soldiers, ex-soldiers and military experts, Bean will tackle hands-on challenges to piece together the true story of Waterloo. Together, they will also test the weapons and tactics that shaped the outcome of the battle and compare them with strategies employed in modern warfare.

“We are thrilled to be working with Sean Bean on this exciting project and when Wavelength films brought us the idea with Sean attached we just couldn’t refuse!” – Rachel Job, Director of Programming at A+E Networks® UK

The new commission premiering in June was commissioned by A+E Networks® UK. Filming in England and Belgium begins in December 2014.

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