THE APPRENTICE SERIES 6Nick Hewer has announced his departure from The Apprentice.

The PR expert, who has been one of Lord Sugar’s advisers on the show since its launch in 2005, described his decision to leave as “relief, tinged with regret”.

“I’ve been pondering my departure from The Apprentice for a while and have decided that year 10 is the appropriate time. So I leave with relief, tinged with regret. Anyone can do what Karren and I have been doing, but it takes stamina to follow the candidates week after week, and my stamina is not up to those long weeks.


“I think The Apprentice is a truly valuable programme, teaching young people the basics of business – not in a classroom setting, but in a wonderfully entertaining format. And the winners each year validate the value of the show – talented, creative and hardworking young people, all of whom are making a great success of their businesses.” – Hewer

He also wrote on Twitter: “So farewell Apprentice – it’s been 10 yrs of fun working on a worthwhile show but now it’s time to file the notebook and throttle back. Bye”

The Apprentice originally saw candidates compete for a job at one of Sugar’s companies, however the format was altered a few years ago and competitors now vie for a £250,000 investment into a new business with Lord Sugar as a 50/50 partner. The advisers on the programme accompany the candidates on tasks and advise Lord Sugar in the boardroom ahead of his firing one of them.

Hewer, whose working relationship with Sugar dates back to the early 1980s, originally assisted the business magnate alongside Margaret Mountford. Mountford departed the reality format in 2009 and was replaced by Karren Brady.

“It’s with a heavy heart I have to say farewell to my good friend Nick Hewer from the apprentice. I thank him sincerely for the past 10 years.” – Lord Sugar

The Apprentice is currently airing its tenth series which concludes on Sunday at 9.00pm, and will see either Bianca Miller or Mark Wright secure a £250,000 investment and partnership with Lord Sugar.

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