Final Foyle’s War episode to air this Sunday

ITV has confirmed the final episode of Foyle’s War will be screened on Sunday.

Michael Kitchen will star one final time as detective Christopher Foyle, penned by writer and creator of the show, Anthony Horowitz.

The two-hour drama will see Foyle re-examine Hilda Pierce’s top secret role during the war within SOE (Special Operations Executive) following an assassination attempt on her life outside MI5.

Anthony Horowitz, who first penned the idea for Foyle’s War in 2000, has praised the audience for sticking with the show over the year.

“I’m proud of what we’ve achieved with Foyle’s War and I’m very grateful to the audience that has stayed with us for so long. I’ve had a good war.” – Anthony Horowitz

The final episode, Elise, will air Sunday 18th January at 8.00pm on ITV.

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