Richard Blackwood to play EastEnders villain

Richard Blackwood EastEnders

Comedian and actor Richard Blackwood has joined the cast of EastEnders in a villainous role.

Little has been disclosed about Blackwood’s character but the 42 year old will make his first appearance in the soap next month during EastEnders‘ 30th anniversary Live Week.

“I want to thank executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins and casting director Julia Crampsie for giving me this amazing opportunity. EastEnders is a show I’ve grown up watching so to film on Albert Square is something I’ll never get used to. To know my first ever scene will be a live one hopefully means the team believe in me and I won’t let them down!” – Blackwood

Blackwood is possibly best known for presenting dating show Singled Out on Channel 5 and an urban entertainment series The Richard Blackwood Show for Channel 4. Richard, who is also noted as a club DJ and radio presenter, has also had success in the charts – with the 2000 UK top 3 single Mama Who Dat Man?

“Richard Blackwood has always been on our EastEnders wishlist – and now the perfect part has come along. Richard’s an authentic Londoner and a terrific actor, bringing with him warmth, humour and energy which will add so many layers to this 21st century EastEnders villain. The status quo in the Square is about to be well and truly shaken…” – Dominic Treadwell-Collins, Executive Producer, EastEnders

EastEnders 30th anniversary live week commences Monday 16th February; a full 30 minute live episode will transmit with the rest of the week’s episodes containing ‘live elements’.

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