Netflix has announced the release date of Three Days of Christmas.

“Three Days of Christmas is like the story we have been told next to the fireplace, with the soft voice of our grandmother, where she tells us how she has tried to build a perfect world, a perfect family … But it doesn’t exist.” – creator Pau Freixas

Three Days of Christmas is the story of four sisters through time united by a secret.

Each of the three episodes corresponds to one generation: when they are daughters, mothers and grandmothers, With Christmas as a backdrop, the story will delve into their secrets and family conflicts.

The series, created and directed by Pau Freixas, stars Nerea Barros (young Valentina), Elena Anaya (young Esther), Anna Moliner (young Adela), Verónica Echegui (young María), Ángela Molina (Valentina), Charo López (Esther), Victoria Abril (María) and Verónica Forqué (Adela).

Three Days of Christmas will be available worldwide on December 6th on Netflix. The mini series will be produced by Barcelona-based Filmax.

“Everything is full of secrets and lies, bitterness and anger. Nothing is easy. Although what brings us together is behind everything: we love each other. That’s why we hide things and we hurt each other. We make mistakes. But it doesn’t matter, in the end the family gives us those powerful memories that, years later, when we grow up, we travel to them to recover the authentic essence of what really matters” – creator Pau Freixas

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