Michelle Visage claimed last night that fellow American celebrity Perez Hilton is guaranteed a place in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother final.CBB Perez 2

The Channel 5 reality show has been rocked by a new fix scandal after claims the show is being fixed for celebrity blogger Perez Hilton to win.

Hilton, 36, was preparing to leave the house in Monday’s highlights episode when Big Brother told him he would be taking part in the ‘ultimate secret task’. Perez agreed to stay and was told to stage a fake break-out.

Whilst preparing his suitcase, Perez stormed into the garden and barged through the fire exit. With housemates thinking he had gone, Perez was taken to a secret room where he is able to spy on his fellow friends and enemies.

The secret task has led to speculation online that the show’s producers have fixed it for Perez to make it to the final. Due to his ‘fake exit’, he is not eligible to be nominated this week.

Hours after Perez left, Michelle Visage relayed a conversation she allegedly had with the celebrity blogger in which he revealed he was ‘guaranteed’ a place in the Celebrity Big Brother final next month.

CBB Perez 1

Speculation has been rife online whether the inclusion of Visage’s comments last night was to ‘put people off’ thinking there is any conspiracy.

Since the Big Brother franchise moved from Channel 4 to Channel 5, the show’s values have gone out of the window as Big Brother was ‘modernised’ to embrace the doctrine of constructed reality television.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9.00pm on Channel 5.

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