Channel 4 will this month air a week of Deal or No Deal episodes featuring couples for the first time.

Deal or No Deal - Doubles

The special editions of the game show will see host Noel Edmonds welcome eleven couples to the wings, ready to do battle with the meanest man in telly – The Banker. With only five chances to play not everyone is guaranteed a place at the Pound Table, meaning some couples will be left wondering what could have been.

“I’ve always found players’ differing approaches to Deal Or No Deal fascinating and I’m intrigued to see how two sets of opinions will play out during the game. These specials promise to be some of the most nail-biting and unpredictable games we have seen on Deal. Let’s hope our couples are still together when they leave the studio!” – Noel Edmonds

In a twist to the format, The Banker will introduce the perilous ‘Banker’s Break Up’ quiz. Answer eight or more questions about each other correctly and the lucky pair will win a holiday. Get three or more questions wrong and he will quite literally split them up at his discretion, sending one person to the isolation room with no way of helping their partner make any further decisions in the game.

The Couples Specials will air from Monday February 9th as part of Channel 4’s afternoon schedule.

Deal or No Deal, Noel Edmonds

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