CBB_Perez eviction

Perez Hilton has become the seventh celebrity to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The blogger was the second housemate to leave in tonight’s double eviction after Kavana was evicted earlier this evening.

Perez told Emma Willis: “I am so happy to be out of the house. I was filled with hope all day [and] the hope got me out. I’m just thrilled.” Asked if he resents leaving before Katie Hopkins, he replied: “No, I’m happy that the persons that are going to be there on Friday are the ones that want to win. I wanted to go home two weeks ago.”

On why he wanted to do the show, Perez said: “Because I’ve been doing what I do for 10 years now… I didn’t think people really knew me so now they’ve seen a lot of me for 4 weeks. Like me or not, I’m just happy that I got a chance to be silly, be crazy [and] be me.”

Perez explained that the whole ‘Perez show’ thing had been a “defence mechanism” to off-set the negative energy he had received from several of the housemates. He added: “I did it as a way to protect myself. Whenever the Perez show was on it was me, but it was a way of allowing myself to not be hurt. People probably didn’t get that in the house. It was just a way of protecting my heart. Believe it or not I do have a big heart.”

Asked if he regrets doing the show, Perez replied: “Yes, I regret entering the house. If I could go back in time and not do it I wouldn’t. It has been a traumatic experience for me. I suffered so much pain in that house. I don’t know if people saw that, I don’t care if people saw that… I know what I experienced in that house.”

Perez said that he had made peace with Calum following a row which led to him receiving a final warning from Big Brother. He also said that some of his comments are reactionary and admitted that he should probably think more before speaking.

He added of his behaviour in the house: “I thought I was doing a lot of what Katie Hopkins was. She was stirring the pot… I thought I was doing that but in not as hurtful ways. She was purposely saying mean and hurtful things to people, maybe I did that as well but not as much. I would stir the pot by smiling at somebody or being silly.”

Discussing his ‘rivalry’ with Katie H, Perez revealed: “My rival in that house was my brain and me trying to keep my sanity. I would have enjoyed the house a lot more if Katie Hopkins was not there. I would have enjoyed the house a lot more if several of the other housemates weren’t there. What I’m thankful for is the genuine friendship that I came out of this with with Nadia.”

Perez opted for Calum when asked who he would like to win the show.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tomorrow at 9.00pm on Channel 5. The voting lines have now reopened for Friday’s final.

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