Brian Cox to present Forces Of Nature for BBC One

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Professor Brian Cox is to present a four-part series for BBC One, Forces of Nature.

While Cox’s previous formats have seen him provide an insight into the Solar System, the new show will focus on Earth and see him impart his knowledge on topics such as why the sky is blue; why the Earth is round; and why are hot things like lava red?

“Brian Cox will enthuse and inspire audiences in his debut series for BBC One. Revealing some of the most extraordinary phenomena and events on Earth, he will set out to illuminate our understanding of the planet like never before, bringing science to a mainstream audience in a surprising way.” – Controller, BBC One, Charlotte Moore

Cox will reveal the science behind the rainbow and its elusive counterpart, the moonbow and explain that our world consists of a myriad of shapes which all obey the forces of nature no matter where or what they are. Throughout the series viewers will take in the great plains of the Serengeti, the volcanoes of Indonesia, precipitous cliffs in Nepal, the humpback whales of the Caribbean and the northern lights of the Arctic.

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