Jeremy Kyle to confront ’embarrassing illnesses’ for ITV

Jeremy Kyle ITV
Problem solver Jeremy Kyle is to take on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies with his own illness solving show for ITV.

The Sun reports that Kyle, who has fronted confrontational ‘issues show’ The Jeremy Kyle Show on ITV for a decade, is to launch a spin-off daytime series which will see ‘fame-hungry folk’ seek ‘medical advice’ from Kyle’s experts. The tabloid reports the series is to be entitled Jeremy Kyle’s Emergency Room which may confuse some viewers into thinking they’ll be seeing behind the scenes events of the regular Jeremy Kyle Show once the cameras have stopped recording.

The 49 year old presenter is said to be looking for viewers who have awkward ailments and sexually transmitted diseases. The show is to begin recording later this summer.

“Jeremy’s used to lie detector tests and working out who slept with who but now he wants to go a bit deeper. He wants to help people with their health issues and knows that this could expose some interesting stories. Obviously he’s not a doctor but he will have access to top medical services to help. It’s been billed as a cross between The Jeremy Kyle Show and Embarrassing Bodies, which is quite an interesting prospect.” – an ‘ITV Insider’ speaking to The Sun.

The Jeremy Kyle Show launched on July 4th 2005 as a replacement for the slightly more wholesome Trisha talk show fronted by Trisha Goddard who had defected to Channel 5. In 2011 ITV Studios attempted an American version of his show, however he failed to appeal to US audiences and the series was canned after two seasons. Before television Kyle had been a successful radio presenter.

“How lovely, another chance for the dregs of society to get onto television. I can’t wait. I’m sure if they run a trailer on ITV2 they’ll find plenty with sexually transmitted diseases darling.” – critic Vivian Summers.

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