Matt Smith on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

The Doctor time travelled into the BBC to meet Jonathan Ross last night, well the latest actor behind the long running time lord, Matt Smith, did.

Last night new Doctor Who actor Matt Smith was one of the guests on BBC One’s chat-show, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. The performer talked about the forthcoming new series of the long running beeb science fiction production which launches next Saturday. Below we have a clip of the actor on the chat-show. [Clip has now expired]

The actor talked about the new series, his role as the Doctor, the new look Sonic Screwdriver and the new look Tardis. A clip from the new series of Doctor Who was also shown; from the episode Vampires in Venice.

Smith takes over playing one of television’s most famous characters from David Tennant who departed the show after five years playing the tenth doctor in the series which originally began in 1963 and was revived in 2005 after an absence of sixteen years. The first actor of the rebooted series was Christopher Eccleston who quit after after the first run of new episode aired.

28-year-old Matt Smith was born in Northampton and joins the show as the youngest actor to play the Doctor in the shows history. He has previously starred in television programmes such as The Ruby in the Smoke, The Shadow in the North and Party Animals.

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