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Comedian and actress Jennifer Saunders has spoken about the forthcoming big screen spin off from BBC One comedy Absolutely Fabulous.

Admitting that she had been ‘nervous’ writing the film, she spoke earlier today on ITV’s Loose Women, noting:

“I think that’s why I didn’t do it for a while. I thought, wouldn’t it be awful if it was awful but now we’re all so old, Joanna [Lumley] said to me ‘do it before we die!’ We’re all on the brink.”

Absolutely Fabulous or ‘Ab Fab’ to fans first aired on BBC One in 1992 with the original run of series airing until 1996. Since 2001 there have been numerous come back series and specials on the BBC, but now Saunders is taking the characters to cinema audiences.

“There is a plot and that’s the miracle! It involves all the main characters and virtually everyone that’s ever been in the series, all those characters and we’re in London and sometimes we might go to the South of France, I’m hoping. I’m waiting for the budget! It could be anywhere – if it’s a big budget it will be The Bahamas!”

The sitcom revolves around Edina “Eddy” Monsoon, played by Saunders, and best pal Patsy Stone, actress Joanna Lumley, who often work (liquid lunch) together between their respective PR and fashion magazine jobs. Other regular characters include Eddy’s mother played by legendary actress June Whitfield, insane secretary Bubble portrayed by Jane Horrocks and Eddy’s daughter Saffron, actress Julia Sawalha.

Speaking about why the movie planning has started in 2015 Jennifer told the Loose Ladies it was thanks to comedy partner Dawn French:

“Dawn bet me on live radio a year and a half ago, that if I didn’t write it that year, I’d have to pay her ten thousand pounds, which was a good kind of motivator and I just got it in on time, New Years Eve I gave it to her.”

Saunders added she believes the production will start recording sequences for the movie in the Autumn of this year. The TV series’ of Absolutely Fabulous can be seen in regular repeats on UKTV channel GOLD.

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