Crowdfunding venture for Brian Clemens’ final movie ‘Surgery’ underway

George and Sam Clemens son of Brian Clements

The sons of late writer Brian Clemens OBE are crowdfunding a project to produce his last work, a horror movie entitled Surgery.

Brian Clemens OBE was one the most prolific writers spanning the decades from the 50’s to the 90’s. He was the mastermind behind some of the most memorable British television shows to date including The Avengers, The New Avengers, The Professionals, Bugs, as well as other classics such as, Thriller, Adam Adamant Lives, The Champions and The Persuaders.

His film catalogue was also vast, creating classics as The Golden Voyage of Sinbad,Blind Terror/See No Evil, Time stalkers, And Soon the Darkness, Highlander 2, Disney’s Watcher In The Woods and Hammer Horror films, Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter and Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde. The list truly does go on. Brian sadly passed away in January this year. Brian’s last idea before he died was for a short horror film, entitled Surgery, which is a prelude to his last ever screenplay The Still, currently in development by his son’s Sam and George.


Sam and George are ‘The Clemens Bros’, a writing, producing and directing team. George trained as an editor at the London Academy of Film & Media and Sam trained as an Actor at the Drama Centre London. In 2006 they formed ‘The Clemens Bros’ to exercise their passion for film. Surgery was an idea by Brian Clemens, written by his son Sam after discussing it in great depth with his father. They are honoring their father’s memory and bringing his last ever-creative idea to the screen. Surgery is their fourth short film and with a highly skilled and talented team attached to make it, they are using Phundee’s wonderful crowd funding platform to raise the necessary funds to complete this special project.

The film is about a man who has been kidnapped, and is now in the diabolical clutches of ‘The Crude Surgeon’, who has him restrained and proceeds to torture him mercilessly for no known reason. However, not all is, as it seems in true Brian Clemens fashion. Sam and George aim to raise £4000, which will be going towards the entire postproduction phase of the film. Including, Editing, Grading, Sound Design, Composing & CGI. It will also be utilised for some of the production expenses of the film; travel expenses, accommodation, production design and the prosthetics and special effects required during the shoot. The prosthetics are being done by legendary Cliff Wallace from Creature FX (Fury, World War Z, Dr. Who, Blood Diamond), making sure it will look as real and gruesome as possible. Finally, it will also be going towards the festival strategy of the film, ensuring that it reaches as many corners of the world as possible and sharing with everyone Brian’s last horrifying idea.

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  1. Thanks for the brilliant piece on the Film Surgery the Clemms Bros, thier father Brian and his legacy.

  2. Great tribute to Brian Clemens who has contributed so much to the entertainment industry through the years! Exciting to see the crowdfunding campaign with “juicy”rewards on

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