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Drama Black Sails is set to have its  UK television premiere on the HISTORY® channel this July.

A prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s world-famous novel, Treasure Island, Black Sails is a gritty drama set in the brutal and cut-throat golden age of eighteenth century piracy. The series follows Stevenson’s infamous and feared pirate, Captain Flint (Toby Stephens). The ruthless criminals of the sea fight tooth and nail for the survival of New Providence Island, a debauched paradise controlled by the world’s most disreputable marauders, teeming with prostitutes, thieves and fortune seekers.

Flint forges an alliance with the beautiful Eleanor Guthrie (Hannah New), the daughter of the local smuggling kingpin. With additional assistance from the crew’s ambitious new recruit, fast-talking John Silver (Luke Arnold), Flint must formulate a plan to hunt the ultimate prize. Facing challenges along the way from notorious rivals, including the formidable Captain Charles Vane (Zach Mcgowan), Flint has his work cut out.

In the first of eight episodes, the once powerful Captain Flint faces mutiny within his own crew, whilst John Silver joins Flint’s pirate ship and finds an item of great value to his new captain and crew. With Silver hiding the information, will the fearless Flint be able to command his crew as he once did?

A story combining real life historical figures, events and locations with fictional pirate legends, the gritty, raw and violent eight-part series from Hollywood executive producer, Michael Bay stars highly-acclaimed actor, Toby Stephens and rising star Luke Arnold, as well as Jessica Parker Kennedy as Max and Clara Paget as Anne Bonny.

Black Sails starts on Tuesday 14th July at 10pm, on HISTORY.

Sky 529 / Virgin 234 / BT 886 / Talk Talk 886

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