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Channel 4 has secured exclusive access to Jaguar for a one-off doc, Jaguar: The Car That Money Can’t Buy, following the creation of what is arguably the world’s most exclusive car.

Presented by classic car enthusiast, Mark Evans, the film will follow the car manufacturer during the production of the elite vehicle known as the Lightweight, an exact recreation of the racing version of the iconic E-Type. But however rich you are, you can’t just buy one of these cars – you must be chosen. Six individuals have been hand-picked by Jaguar to own one.

“With access to Jaguar’s production line and wealthy owners of both original and new Lightweights, the film will explore the love of classic cars and what drives people to shell out huge sums of money for them.” – Channel 4 Press

Only twelve Lightweights were ever made, back in 1963, one of which recently sold for an estimated £5 million. But eighteen were originally planned and now the remaining six are being recreated by Jaguar from scratch with precision engineering.

“It’s extraordinary to have the opportunity to get inside one of Britain’s most iconic brands as they recreate these most famous and almost invaluable cars.” – Channel 4 Commissioning Editor, Tom Porter

The film’s title may change before its as yet unknown transmission date.

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