MIND - Team Wales is led by Matt Johnson, Arg from TOWIE and Nicholas Pinnock

Gail Porter, James Argent, Nicholas Pinnock, Matt Johnson and Anna Williamson have embarked on the first ever Mind 3000s trek. Along with 38 supporters of Mind, the mental health charity, the celebrities will walk into the early hours of Sunday morning, across Snowdonia and the Lake District, to raise £60,000 for essential mental health services.

“A mental health problem can be indescribably scary – when suddenly faced with the prospect of doctors, hospitals, medication or therapy – you can feel totally alone. When I hit rock bottom it was the kindness of friends and family that got me through and I feel passionately that everyone deserves that support, to be listened to and reassured when the rest of your world has been turned upside-down.” – Gail Porter

The celebrities have all battled their own mental health problems and so Mind is a cause close to their hearts. They have come together for this unique challenge and, after months of training have been split into two teams and are now head-to-head to complete a nonstop 24 hour, 50km trek, across 3,000ft mountains in the fastest time. Team England, led by Anna Williamson, will brave the Lake District, while Matt Johnson will captain Team Wales as they take on Snowdonia.

Last week saw the stars and their teams of Mind supporters collectively smash the £50,000 target they had initially set. Refusing to stop at that, they decided to up the ante and will now aim to raise £60,000 by the end of the weekend. In the next two days all those involved will urge their supporters to text CHEER to 70660 to give £3 to Mind.

“Over the past few months I’ve realised how important it is to have support around you when you’re going through a tough time. Simple things like a call or a text can make a massive difference. I know not everyone has that support, or feels they can talk to their family or mates about what they’re going through – but that’s exactly why Mind is here. In the last two years calls to their Infoline have gone up by 50%, showing just how many people rely on them.” – James Argent

MIND - Team England is being  led by Gail Porter and Anna Williamson

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