A brand new version of the STV Player has been recently launched by the broadcaster and production company.

STV sign at their Glasgow studios - ATV copyright image 2016

STV say that their third version of the STV Player will offer a faster, more robust and flexible service for viewers within the licence area the network covers in Scotland. The company currently holds two ITV contracts for Scotland with STV North and STV Central covering the country. As well as the ITV services the STV Player also features catch-up and a live stream of their ‘city TV’ channels, STV Glasgow and STV Edinburgh. Content from these ‘city’ services can be seen throughout the UK online.

“We want viewers to watch the STV content they choose free of charge, anytime, anywhere and this updated version of the STV Player offers an enhanced experience for our consumers to do this. nThe launch of version 3 also reinforces STV’s commitment to investing in content on multi-platforms and the new STV Player has been through robust user experience testing with consumers to ensure it provides the experience our viewers are looking for. The updates to the STV Player ensure it is consumer focused with easily accessible content and integrated live streaming of STV and STV’s city channels.” – Bobby Hain, STV’s director of channels

Viewers in Scotland receive popular ITV shows such as Coronation Street and Britain’s Got Talent via STV while STV News at Six and Scotland Tonight bring viewers all the latest news and current affairs. All can now be viewed for 30 days on the player service.

The updated STV Player is available on player.stv.tv. Updates of their dedicated apps for iOS, Android and Kindle will follow soon, with additional platform roll-outs in September the company state. Viewers to ITV in England and Wales cannot the regional variation of the catch up and streaming services. The ITV Player can be found at itv.com, while Northern Ireland is covered by its own UTV Player service at utv.co.uk.

STV in Glasgow window sign; ATV image 2016

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