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Production has started in London on a children’s comedy entertainment series, Horrible Science, to air on CITV.

Based on the children’s books, written by Nick Arnold and illustrated by Tony De Saulles and published by Scholastic, the show finds a lovable family of characters trying to put on a spectacular science show.  Unfortunately for them this often results in on-screen chaos, blazing backstage rows and gooey slapstick.

“We are delighted that CITV will be the home of Horrible Science.  Gruesome, funny and topical, Toff have created a fantastic series that will take our viewers on an unforgettable and entertaining voyage of scientific discovery!” – CITV Commissioner Jamila Metran

Each episode has a central scientific theme, probably not found in the school lab, including topics such as Gruesome Guts, Vicious Veg, Bulging Brains and Chemical Chaos to list only a few. The programme explores the topics via comedy sketches, experiments, and songs. There is also an interview with a ‘celebrity guest’, where a guest actor plays a celebrated scientist from history such as Marie Curie, Robert Hooke and Edward Jenner.

Aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 12, the ten-part series is produced by Toff, the production company run by Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller and co-owned by Hat Trick Productions, and has been jointly funded by ITV, the Wellcome Trust, ABC Australia, and Discovery Asia.

“Horrible Science delights in the messy, gory and macabre, but as well as wallowing in all things yucky, it is full of fascinating science.  Although primarily aimed at children, adults will also find plenty to wonder and laugh at.” – ITV

Horrible Science stars Ben Miller, stand-up comedian Chris Martin, Letty Butler, Tom Bell, Eleanor Lawrence, Jason Forbes and Susan Wokoma. Alexander Armstrong makes a guest appearance as one of the ‘famous scientists’.

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