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ITV is to air the Land Of The Midnight Sun, a three part documentary series following Alexander Armstrong on an epic 8,000-mile journey around the Arctic.

“This has been an incredible journey, a chance to get up close to the beauty of the Arctic region and see how magnificently nature appears in the extreme cold. But the real joy of the series was meeting the extraordinary people who live at sub-zero for so much of their lives. It was a testing journey to complete in the depths of winter – always cold, often perilous, frequently hilarious – but the warmth we found in the communities we stayed with and the inspiring surroundings we travelled through made it the experience of a lifetime.” – Alexander Armstrong

Alexander’s voyage will begin in Scandinavia, before he heads westwards into Iceland and Greenland, through Canada and Alaska and finishing on the international dateline that divides the continents of North America and Alaska. He’ll witness the world’s most stunning natural wonders and find out why the far north has such a magnetic lure for its extraordinary inhabitants, in a challenging adventure in which he’ll need to survive wildly unpredictable weather and temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius in the harsh Arctic winter. Each hour-long episode of Land Of The Midnight Sun will air later this year on ITV.

“We think of the Arctic as a desolate wasteland, but Land Of The Midnight Sun will shatter that perception. Alexander is the ideal presenter, as he’s not afraid to take on every challenge to discover this magical world of jaw-dropping spectacle and confound our expectations.” – Jeremy Phillips, executive producer, Shiver

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