Kate Humble joins Medical Detection Dogs as an ambassador

Dr Claire Guest with Kate Humble and Florin the dogTelevision presenter Kate Humble, best known for wildlife programmes such as Countryfile and Springwatch, has joined charity Medical Detection Dogs as an ambassador.

The Buckinghamshire-based charity uses the remarkable olfactory power of dogs to detect volatiles associated with human disease including cancer from urine samples. The charity also trains dogs to assist individuals with long-term life threatening diseases such as brittle type one diabetes. Diabetic partners are alerted by their dogs to dangerous falls or rises in their sugar levels to allow them to take their medication before they suffer an attack.

Medical Detection Dogs was co-founded in 2008 by animal behaviourist Dr Claire Guest and orthopaedic surgeon Dr John Church. Kate Humble first visited the Medical Detection Dogs centre in May, noting she was ‘blown away’ by her time at the centre.

“Claire’s [Guest] story is incredible, and her unshakeable belief in what she is doing and how she and her team are continuing to push boundaries and defy scepticism left me in awe! I was delighted to be asked to be an ambassador for Medical Detection Dogs and had no hesitation in agreeing. I was utterly blown away by my day at Medical Detection Dogs. The work they are doing is extraordinary and, although of course it sounds cliché, truly life-changing – Kate Humble

Dr Claire Guest has worked with her team to produce robust scientific evidence to prove her long-held belief that dogs are capable of detecting odours associated with cancer volatiles. In training trials, her cancer detection dog Daisy has achieved 93 per cent reliability in the detection of cancer. A recent study carried out by Italian scientists, has supported the work of Medical Detection Dogs. They found dogs to be 98 per cent reliable at finding the urine samples that contained cancer volatiles.

“I could not be more delighted that Kate Humble has agreed to become an ambassador for us. Not only is she a highly respected wildlife expert, but she is also a much-loved national figure and will be a huge asset to our charity. We are so glad she will be joining our other lovely ambassadors, Lesley Nicol and Gill Wright, in getting the word out about the charity and the ways in which it could save thousands of lives.” – Dr Guest

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