Marvin and Rochelle Humes return to The Hit List

BBC One’s Saturday night music quiz is to return for a second series.

“It’s amazing to be back on the second series. The first series was incredible to be a part of. For the second series to be commissioned so quickly was absolutely brilliant news.” – Marvin Humes

Hosted by Marvin and Rochelle Humes, each episode of The Hit List sees three pairs of music-lovers compete for the chance to win £10,000 by naming as many song titles and artists as possible.

Across three exciting rounds, the pairs are put to the test as they attempt to identify huge hits from across the years and from all genres of music.

In round one speed is key; the teams are played snippets of hit tracks and must press their button whenever they recognise a song. All the songs in this round are themed: Whether it is having to identify two songs written by the same songwriter or attempting to remember what song was at number two in the charts when another was at number one, the teams must rely on their music memory to answer quickly enough. The first two teams to give five correct answers progress though to round two.

“We are so passionate about the show and we enjoy it so much, and to have two series in one year is not bad going at all. I think it has the perfect time slot as well.” – Rochelle Humes

“People didn’t know what to expect on series one as the show was brand new, but this time around the number of applications we had was huge! We have some amazing music fans who have blown us away with their music knowledge. It’s been incredible to watch and see how quick they are when they answer their questions. It’s been unbelievable.” – Marvin Humes

Round two is all about the intros. The two remaining teams must identify a range of song titles and artists by listening to the very beginning of the songs and recognising them before their time runs out. The teams are given visual clues to help them avoid running out of time as that will mean elimination.

The Final Chart Rundown sees the final team attempting to make it to the number one spot by recognising ten songs and artists before their money runs out. The team will start the round with £10,000 available in their prize pot but after five seconds of each track has played, the money starts to drop. If the team can correctly name ten song titles and artists before the money disappears, they’ll go home with whatever is left in the pot.

“I think there are some people in the new series who perhaps watched series one from their sofa and got loads of answers right. But when you are actually in the studio, the environment can make you nervous you can end up flapping! When you are doing it for real, the pressure is on and you see the money counting down, so I can see how the contestants would find it a lot more stressful, rather than playing from the comfort of their sofas.” – Rochelle Humes

The Hit List returns to BBC One on Saturday, 16th November at 6.25 pm on BBC One. Rochelle and Marvin will also be part of the Children in Need telethon this Friday, November 15th from 7 pm on BBC One.

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