Big Brother eviction - Jade

Jade-Martina Lynch has become the eighth person to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

The Irish model faced eviction along with Harry, Chloe and Cristian after they were nominated by Time Warp housemates Helen, Marc, Nikki and Brian. Joining Emma Willis for an eviction interview, Jade said: “I knew I was going, I could feel it, it was my time.”

Expanding on her displeasure at being nominated, she revealed: “What I wasn’t happy about was the reason they nominated me… I didn’t appreciate Cristian piping up out of nowhere saying there was a sexual situation between me and him when there absolutely was not. Nikki is my favourite housemate of all time and I was upset that she called me a bed hopper. We have made up but it did bother me as it wasn’t true!”

Jade conceded that she could see why some housemates had perceived her in the way they had, noting: “I can see what they were talking about – I’m a single girl, I’m flirty by nature.” She added: “Nick is like my brother, there were some crossed wires in the first week but I never kissed Nick or cuddled him in a sexual way. It just wasn’t there.” Asked about Nick’s interaction with Harry, Jade said: “Nick did fade off into the distance with Harry and I did miss him [but] I really like Harry. I think she’s mad about Nick and they’re great together. At the start I didn’t know her intentions [and] she was giving Nick mixed signals, so I had a little attack on Harry but I think she’s absolutely wonderful.”

“I just think he’s beautiful -you start afresh from your soul [in the house]. It just felt right. I hope something happens on the outside as I like him and he likes me.” – Jade on her relationship with Brian Belo

Of her up and down relationship with fellow Irish housemate Marc, Jade revealed: “Marc came into the house and suggested things that weren’t true but we cleared things up very quickly. I like the real Marc but he can be an a***hole, I take him with a pinch of salt. We are Irish and we like the banter.”

“The chap has the personality of a baked potato,” Jade opined of Cristian after insisting that she wasn’t attracted to him in the house. Jade chose Nick when asked who she would like to see win the show.

Big Brother continues tomorrow at 10.00pm on Channel 5.

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