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BBC Two to broadcast  a ‘global fishing competition’ in The Big Fish with Ben Fogle overseeing the proceedings with expert UK fisherman Matt Hayes as judge.

Over six episodes filmed across four continents, eight amateur anglers from the UK will be under the critical eye of Matt and a local fishing specialist familiar with the waters of the host country each week, as they become immersed in the local fishing techniques. Presenter Ben Fogle has trekked across the Sahara, rowed across the Atlantic and hiked his way to the South Pole, so is well placed to help our intrepid fishermen cope with the rigours of an expedition to tropical climes and sub-zero temperatures in some of the world’s most dramatic and challenging fishing destinations.

“I used to fish with my grandfather as a child and have happy memories of fishing as a boy. I may not be an expert but I can completely understand the obsession. Fishing takes you to places in nature that you would never normally go. I’m really thrilled to be a part of the series to see how these fantastic fishermen get on in some really tough places, learning to fish the way the locals do and facing some pretty extreme water around the world. We will be immersed in the countries we are staying in, and will hopefully come face to face with some phenomenal fish.” – Ben Fogle

The Big Fish is due to be broadcast on BBC Two later in the year. The first major television series on angling was produced by ATV for ITV in the 1950s, with female personality Noele Gordon as presenter.

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