Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace leaves the Big Brother house

Big Brother - Asielyne Horgan-Wallace

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace has left the Big Brother house.

Aisleyne entered the house on Day 44 (24 June), later than planned, as the fourth ‘Time Warp’ housemate – joining Helen Wood and Nikki Grahame who remained of the original trio. The 36 year old left in last night’s live eviction show which saw Marc O’Neill voted out by the public.

Speaking to presenter Emma Willis, she said: “I’m happy to be out of there, that house is absolutely draining and full of fruitcakes but I love them all,” adding that she believes she has achieved her goal in lifting spirits within the house.

“I said what I needed to say, I’m not going to lower myself to the spawn of Satan. I’m not going to be a trashy bitch just because she is. I’ve never been around someone with such a negative energy and dark soul that brings everyone else down. She’s vile, absolutely vile.” – Aisleyne on rival Helen Wood

Aisleyne revealed of Marc, “When I first got there I loved him, he is from Dublin where my family are from and I liked him. He’s got so many different personalities but in the end we just got each other because we’re probably both the same.” She added of their argument, “Charley had told me things he had said and I just stuck up for myself, every time I looked up I could see him looking at me.”

On her relationship with Danny, she said “He’s just my friend, I absolutely love Danny as a person. I took him at face value, he was a really nice guy that seems to stick up for everyone so I enjoyed his company and we had a little cuddle but we never kissed.”

Big Brother continues tonight at 10.00pm on Channel 5

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