TV Preview: (the very) Last of the Summer Wine

It’s the final episode of the longest running comedy ever and one, that according to tabloid rumours, has been dodging cancellation for some years now.

Last of the Summer Wine 2010s

However, the axe man caught up with the veteran comedy in the end and as someone once said; all good things must come to an end. So tonight Last of the Summer Wine does just that.

It’s for that reason alone that we’ve nominated the comedy as our One To Watch for Sunday. It isn’t our cup of tea and we’d probably agree with those who argue it should have ended long ago but we can’t argue with the fact that up to 4 million viewers per week still enjoy the series. It may be long last its heyday of 18 million viewers but the series still has it fans and its for them that today we mark the final episode.

The series has become something of a retirement show for veterans of comedies from the past with cast members from Are You Being Served, On The Buses, George & Mildred and Keeping Up Appearances amongst those who now form the cast of the comedy. But its nice also to see that so many talented actors are being employed when main-stream television would probably only offer them a one-off Doctors/The Bill episode.

Last of the Summer Wine - last ep

Before Last of the Summer Wine there’s a special edition of Songs of Praise at 5.05pm to mark the finale of the series. Pam Rhodes visits Holmfirth, the Yorkshire village where the comedy is set, and the edition also features a special guest appearance by Lesley Garrett.

As for Last of the Summer Wine it’s on at 8pm on BBC One and the BBC HD Channel is which available on Sky 145, Virgin Media 108, Freesat 108 and Freeview 50.

Last of the Summer Wine stars; Peter Sallis, Frank Thornton, Trevor Bannister, Barbara Young, Russ Abbot, Brian Murphy, Burt Kwouk, Christopher Beeny, Jean Fergusson, Jean Alexander, Tom Owen, Josephine Tewson and Robert Fyfe. How Not To Cry At Weddings is written by Roy Clarke and Directed by Alan JW Bell.

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Last of the Summer Wine

Last of the Summer Wine: BBC One/BBC HD Channel at 8pm.

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