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Channel 4 is to air a three part series based on the Twitter feed Very British Problems that boasts over a million followers.

“This is a hugely important Show for Alaska, as it sees our first series for the Channel, after our debut this month with Domino’s: A Slice of Life. Our intention is to make a warm, inclusive, funny show that gently unravels the complexities and awkwardness of the British psyche, through the real lives of some of our best loved comedians and personalities”. – Executive producer for Alaska Productions, Chris Fouracre

The show marks the first time in the UK that a Twitter feed has moved directly to television and sees comedians and some of Britain’s best-loved famous faces, talking about the crushing weirdness and awkwardness of life as a Brit. Featuring anecdotes intercut with archive and specially-commissioned animations, the series takes a comical look at the peculiar characteristics that make up the British psyche. So far Jonathan Ross, James Corden, Steven Mangan, Ruth Jones and Jonny Vegas are believed to have signed up with a cast of others yet to be announced.

The series will be aired in late summer.

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