Larry Lamb and Maureen Lipman just some of the personalities to ‘Celebrate Britain’ for More 4

More4 aka More 4

More 4 is to air a series of programmes which are a celebration of all that is British. Series will be fronted by Larry Lamb and Maureen Lipman as well as Phil Spencer and Paul Merton. Returning personalities include Penelope’s Keith and Prunella Scales and Timothy West.

Disappearing Britain will be the ultimate celebration of Britain’s outdoors, history, culture and tradition. Agony actress Maureen Lipman and Gavin and Stacey actor Larry Lamb will be getting to the heart of what makes British heritage great and exploring what possible threats there are to it. Throughout the series, they’ll be joined by Michael Buerk plus a host of familiar faces who will indulge their own personal heritage passions and help build a picture of the ultimate ‘Britishness’. From how we live, travel and work, to the way we speak and what makes us laugh, Disappearing Britain will reveal how much of our daily life is steeped in our incredible history.

While in Paul Merton’s Secret Stations the Have I Got News For You team captain will be exploring the weird and wonderful world of request stop railway stations across Britain. Travelling around the country by train to hop on and hop off visiting a variety of different request stops to tell the story of why they’re there and who uses them. Paul will be exploring their recent history and speaking to local people as well as relevant experts and enthusiasts. Its a return to the good life for Penelope Keith’s Hidden Villages as the actress returns for more travels through Britain’s loveliest villages armed with her beloved ‘Batsford’ guide books.

Another returning production is Great Canal Journey’s which is back for a third series, the previous two proving a ratings success for both Channel 4 and More 4. Once again it will follow Britain’s national treasures Fawlty Towers actress Prunella Scales and EastEnders actor Timothy West as they navigate their way through some of them most beautiful and challenging canal routes in Britain and Europe. For nearly four decades, canals have provided Tim and Pru with an escape route from their busy and demanding acting careers. In these very personal films we’ll see how canal journeys give Tim and Pru the chance to see the world and reflect on their own lives. It will be packed with historic and literary references as well as intimate and heartfelt moments.

Finally Phil Spencer will be taking a grand tour of our country’s most extravagant country houses, retelling their history and using his surveying skills to explore why and how they were built in Stately Homemaking with Phil Spencer.

Uncovering the historical context in which they were built as well as revealing the sheer logistical and technical challenges required to construct them, Phil will be calculating the monumental quantities of materials, labour and costs required to build the homes. Taking a step inside the shoes of some of the most ambitious home-makers in Britain’s history, the series will be revealing the hidden history of our priceless heritage from a new perspective.

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