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Channel 4 is to delve into the exclusive world of the South of France’s yachting community in a 60 minute documentary from Iconic Films.

Viewers will follow the ‘big business of big boats’ ahead of September’s The Monaco Yacht Show – held in Port Herculé, it is the centre of the yachting universe and moors some of the largest, most expensive and most glamorous mega-yachts in the Mediterranean.

“This insight into mega-yachts is remarkable access to the experiences of the global elite. It will follow the stories of people who all contribute to this very contemporary symbol of wealth.” – Channel 4 Commissioning Editor, Lucy Leveugle

At least 60m in length, the mega-yachts docked along the affluent ports and harbours on the Mediterranean coast are pinnacles of wealth, luxury and opulence. This film will meet the super-wealthy owners, the crew, cutting-edge designers, builders and brokers of these incredible yachts.

The documentary, provisionally titled Multi Million Pound Mega-yachts, will transmit on Channel 4 later this year.

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