The Stig, Top Gear

Dermot O’Leary is to host a new Saturday night entertainment series for BBC One featuring Top Gear legend The Stig.

The Getaway Car will test the relationship between two individuals as they compete in a series of exciting driving challenges to win a prize. Can married couples, grandparents and grandchildren, brothers and sisters or best friends work together to scoop the top prize? Or for that matter, will they still be talking afterwards?

“This is a show that’s really about relationships. We all think we are great drivers, but what tickled me most is seeing how people, who obviously love each other very much, speak to each other when they are behind the wheel of a car. It brings out the worst in all of us… but in a fun way. It’s a warm show that will stretch a family’s patience with those they love most in the world. I had a whale of a time doing the pilot and now can’t wait to make the series.” – Dermot O’Leary

“The Getaway Car is a really fun, new adrenaline charged entertainment show for BBC One. It’s very exciting to welcome both Dermot O’Leary and The Stig to Saturday nights on BBC One,” notes BBC One Controller Charlotte Moore.

The 12 part series will be produced by the BBC’s in-house Entertainment production team for transmission in 2016.

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