Adrian Edmondson, Joe Dempsie and Georgina Campbell to star in BBC One’s One Of Us

BBC Drama

Filming is set to commence this Monday, 24 August for new BBC One modern thriller One Of Us, written by Harry and Jack Williams. Set in Edinburgh and the Highlands, a host of acclaimed actors will take on roles in this gripping and powerful character-driven drama.

“One Of Us is a roller-coaster of a story with some amazing characters. We are thrilled to be making this compelling show for BBC One next year.”  Christopher Aird, Head of BBC Drama Production England

Juliet Stevenson will star alongside Joanna Vanderham, Laura Fraser, John Lynch, Adrian Edmondson and Georgina Campbell. They will be joined by Joe Dempsie, Julie Graham, Gary Lewis, Steve Evets and Kate Dickie.

Living side by side in isolated rural Scotland, the Elliot and Douglas families know each other inside out. However, when two of them are horrifically murdered, their lives are shattered and their relationships, both between and within the grieving families, are tested to the limit. In the search for answers, skeletons are unearthed and old wounds are reopened, as honesty, loyalty and morality is all brought into question. Everyone has secrets, but when the lines between right and wrong, good and bad, true and false, become blurred, what path do you take, and how do you cope with the lasting and deadly consequences?

“One Of Us is a thriller but also at heart a character piece. So it’s wonderful to have such a talented cast. We can’t wait to see how they bring it to life.” – Harry and Jack Williams

The beeb began production on location earlier this week.

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