Queen Elizabeth II documentary for BBC One

The Queen of England - Elizabeth II

BBC One is to mark Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becoming the longest reigning monarch in British history this September.

On the 9th of September this year, Queen Elizabeth II will break the record set by her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria, who was on the throne for 63 years and seven months. To celebrate this remarkable milestone, the beeb are to air a documentary on BBC One with The Queen’s Longest Reign: Elizabeth & Victoria, presented by Sophie Raworth. The hour long programme is to look at the long reigns of these two extraordinary women, asking how they have managed to provide such enduring stability in an ever-changing world.

“For all of us alive, today, September 9th, is something we will not know again in our lifetimes – a British monarch reigning for more than 63 years and seven months. It’s a remarkable achievement and we’re delighted to be able to pay tribute to Her Majesty the Queen with this documentary.” – Phil Dolling, Head of BBC Events

The celebration will include contributions from Professor Kate Williams, Lord Professor Peter Hennessy, Sir Roy Strong, William Shawcross, Lord Julian Fellowes, Robert Lacey, AN Wilson, and Matthew Dennison among others, the film highlights the challenges and achievements the Queen has faced – and compares her reign with that of her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria.

Following the Queen on many of her recent public engagements both in the UK, and abroad, it will feature scenes at Buckingham Palace, Balmoral, Windsor Castle, Holyroodhouse and Kensington Palace as well as following her on a recent State Visit to Germany, where the Queen visits the site of the former Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp.

It will look at the similarities – and differences – of the two reigns, and how neither expected to ascend to the throne, yet, as the result of deaths and abdication, both found themselves crowned at remarkably young ages, Queen Elizabeth at 25, and Queen Victoria at just 18. This comparison of the two reigns brings to light key questions regarding the nature of sovereignty, longevity, and stability during periods of significant social change, and how in a 1,000-year history of the British Monarchy only these two have celebrated their Diamond Jubilees after six decades on the throne.

The Queen’s Longest Reign: Elizabeth & Victoria, will air on BBC One on Sunday the 6th of September. The exact broadcast time has yet to be scheduled by the corporation.

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