Sara Cox, Grace Dent and Sophie Ellis-Bextor documentaries for UKTV


UKTV’s channel Watch is to air a three-part series of authored documentaries by Sara Cox, Grace Dent and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Each hour-long show explores the personal impact of technology on the lives and careers of Sara, Grace and Sophie through the themes of Friendship, Romance and Celebrity.

Radio and television presenter, Sara Cox looks at how social media has changed friendship in the 21st century. Sara discovers what it is like to be part of the Facebook generation by signing up to Facebook for the very first time. She believes that friendships conducted via social media are less meaningful than friendships conducted in the real world, and she fears that technology may rob her children of the quality of friendships that Sara enjoys with her own friends. But are her concerns justified?

“Meeting up with my friends always guarantees belly laughs and hugs – it feels nourishing for the soul. But thanks to social media, friendships are changing. By the time my daughter is an adult maybe face-to-face time with pals will just be reduced to FaceTime. And if more and more friendships are going to be conducted via technology, can that technology ever substitute for what we get from actually being in the presence of friends?” – Sara Cox

Journalist and author, Grace Dent investigates romance in the modern world. With internet dating and swipe apps now a familiar way of meeting a partner, Grace questions if technology is doing more harm than good when it comes to finding love – and she’ll discover whether the latest advances in technology can help fan the flames of her own relationship, or whether they’ll leave her questioning whether Mr Right is the man she’s with at all.

“I see what’s going on and I’m continually amazed. In under five years, everything I know about the rules of finding love has shifted.” – Grace Dent

Musician Sophie Ellis-Bextor explores the changing shape of celebrity in an instant-access and technology-driven world. Sophie first stepped into the spotlight before the rise of social media and, although she’s always engaged with it, she’s certainly no Kim Kardashian. Wary of its power, she’s chosen to keep social media at arm’s length, but now she wants to explore it’s potential to see from the inside what it can do for those who fully embrace it. Where does the real power of fame now lie? Is it possible to have a private life when people share everything you do on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat? And how does it feel to be so closely connected to a public that judges your every word?

“Social media and new technologies have changed what it means to be famous.” – Sophie Ellis-Bextor

The season of authored documentaries is set to broadcast early 2016. Watch continues to build its original commissions having recently announced Honey I Bought The House, an eight-part factual entertainment series, and Humble Pie hosted by Marco Pierre White and Melanie Sykes.

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