CBB Fake Eviction - Farrah

Celebrity Big Brother has executed a fake eviction twist with Jenna Jameson and Farrah Abraham moving into a ‘secret’ room.

Last night’s show saw the American personalities learn that the public had chosen to evict them over Bobby Davro, Gail Porter and Chloe-Jasmine Whichello and Stevi Ritchie. Presenter Emma Willis was on hand to greet each ‘evictee’ with the news that they had not actually been voted out of the show.

“I’m very blessed for my time… thanks to god I lasted that long. It’s been a journey and I have some amazing friends in there I hope that win.” – Farrah before learning her eviction had been fake

Jenna said upon leaving: “Farrah and I formed an alliance and the house pushed us out. The bottom line is that I was who I am and I was genuine. I’m glad that I’m here and able to see my family now.”

A delighted Farrah and Jenna were reunited in the diary room following their separate fake evictions.

Big Brother notified them that they will live in ‘splendour’ for the next 48 hours in a secret room with the ability to spy on the main house. The pair were also told that they have immunity and control over the next set of nominations.

Jenna and Farrah were asked to make their first nomination and opted for Austin, with Farrah reasoning:

“He can’t care about other people who are up for eviction and it’s really f**ked up and sad. He’s heartless.”

However, Emma then revealed to viewers that the housemates nominated by Farrah and Jenna will be immune with them. In a further twist, the main house are to be informed that Farrah and Jenna are watching them and that – to earn immunity – they must act in a way that will cause the pair to nominate them.

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CBB Fake Eviction - Jenna

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