CBB Fake Eviction - Farrah

Farrah Abraham and Jenna Jameson have returned to the Celebrity Big Brother house following their fake evictions.

The American duo moved into Big Brother’s ‘Luxury Suite’ on Friday (11 September) where they were able to keep a close eye on the main house. The pair were also told that they would be immune from and have control over the next set of nominations. Farrah and Jenna subsequently nominated “heartless” Austin, Natasha for being “so nasty” and “evil man” Bobby.

However, in a further twist their status as ‘fake evictees’ was revealed to the main house on Saturday (12 September) with housemates told to behave in a manner that would annoy the pair in order to obtain immunity. This resulted in Farrah and Jenna adding James – who had spoken disparagingly of reality stars – to the line-up. It is currently unclear whether the pair made any further nominations prior to their return to the house.

Farrah and Jenna returned to an awkward atmosphere in the main house last night (13 September) and were soon apprised of the nominations twist by Big Brother.

“Oh so that’s why you guys were mean? That’s not f***ing cool. Well it definitely makes sense, because the stuff Sherrie was saying, I was like, what was going on?” – Jenna

Jenna went on to describe Natasha as ‘fake’ after the Atomic Kitten star revealed that they had also seen footage of the ‘fake evictees’ slating them. Meanwhile, Farrah found herself in a heated exchange with Austin with Bobby interjecting “Farrah, you know why people take an instant dislike to you? It saves f***ing time!”

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CBB Fake Eviction - Jenna

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