Choose The Right Puppy For You with BBC Two

Dr Claire Guest with Kate Humble and Florin the dog

Following the success of Six Puppies And Us earlier this year, BBC Two has commissioned the follow up series, Choose The Right Puppy For You, presented by Kate Humble and featuring dog trainer and behaviourist Louise Glazebrook.

Choosing the wrong dog is considered one of the biggest issues in dog welfare in the UK, according to veterinary professionals. Tens of thousands of dogs are relinquished to rescue centres every year, and one study has found that less than 10 per cent of their owners had sought any advice at all before getting a dog. But, with over 200 recognised breeds of dog in the UK,(plus a multitude of crossbreeds), all of them with different characteristics and needs, it can be a difficult choice to get right.

Choose The Right Puppy for You will be, the beeb say, a valuable guide to making that life-changing decision, and will feature a wealth of advice from the UK’s leading canine experts.

The series will follow several households as they discover everything they need to know about different breeds of dog, including which lifestyles and domestic environments they’re best suited to, and how to care for them. The households might already have what they think is their perfect dog in mind – but are they right? Over the course of the two episodes, they’ll have their expectations challenged as they experience all aspects of dog ownership – before they finally bring their chosen puppy or dog home.

Alongside these stories, the series will also reveal the science behind breed differences, and how we have a better understanding than ever before about how to help dogs integrate into modern life – ensuring happy, healthy pet dogs and their families. Six Puppies And Us was one of the most successful factual series on BBC Two this year, with each episode gaining an audience of more than three million viewers.

The two part series will be made by RDF Television West.

Pictured top: Dr Claire Guest with Television presenter Kate Humble, best known for wildlife programmes such as Countryfile and Springwatch, when she joined charity Medical Detection Dogs as an ambassador.

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