BBC Drama

Toby Jones will star in Tony Marchant’s adaptation of the classic Joseph Conrad thriller, The Secret Agent for BBC One, directed by Charles McDougall, his first UK drama for a decade.

Jones will play Verloc, whose seedy Soho shop hides his role as an agent of the Russian Embassy, spying on a group of London anarchists. Furious that Britain tolerates violent extremists, the Russians want Verloc to provoke a bomb outrage that will trigger a government crackdown. Caught between the Russians and the British police, Verloc drags his unsuspecting family into a tragic terror plot.

“I am both excited and intrigued by the challenge of playing Verloc, the eponymous hero of Conrad’s startlingly relevant novel The Secret Agent.” – Toby Jones

Cast includes Vicky McClure as Verloc’s previously loyal wife, Winnie, Stephen Graham as Verloc’s adversary Chief Inspector Heat, and Ian Hart as the dangerously unpredictable Professor. Tom Goodman-Hill will play Heat’s boss, Assistant Commissioner Stone and David Dawson plays Verloc’s Russian handler, Vladimir. The anarchists include Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as Michaelis and Raphael Acloque as Ossipon.

“I can’t think of any actors better suited to delivering the modernity and authenticity of Conrad’s work to the screen.” – Writer Tony Marchant

The Secret Agent will air across three hour long episodes. The beeb note that filming will commence this month.

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