CBB Eviction - Sherrie Hewson, Stevi and Chloe

Sherrie Hewson and Chloe-Jasmine & Stevi Ritchie finished in sixth and fifth place in tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother final.

The actress and X Factor couple left the house together but were interviewed about their time in there separately by presenter Emma Willis.

“I’ve had the most fantastic time but it has been an emotional rollercoaster,” Sherrie told Emma “I loved everybody but it really gets to you.” Sherrie admitted that she had found nominations the most difficult thing to deal with in the house before going on to defend herself against a viewer-poll result which suggested she is boring.

“There is no way I went into that house to be anything other than me…nobody attacked me so I didn’t go back at them. I’m normal and I’m not going to pretend and shout and scream and eff n blind for anybody just to make a television show. I was what I was, I am what I am and that’s all I can say.” – Sherrie Hewson

On coping with arguments in the house she said: “I was always coming in when people had had the most horrendous night… I became the nana and cared for everybody and that’s why I got upset all the time.” She noted of a disagreement she’d had with James, “I think James is a player and I had it out with him the other day he said, ‘yeh, I’m a businessman’. I said I didn’t like that you voted for Austin because I wouldn’t vote for Natasha…we had an argument. He said you’re wrong, I said you’re wrong and that was it.”

Stevi and Chloe then joined Emma for their interview with Stevi pointing out that they hadn’t expected to reach the final. “We didn’t think we’d get past the first week,” chimed Chloe “We’re deeply insecure people Emma.” Stevi added: “It’s surreal being in there…I absolutely bloody loved it.”

“We don’t know of any other UK couple who have entered the house. We were worried about our relationship but as long as I came out with Stevi I knew everything would be okay. We learnt so much from being in there.” – Chloe on participating as a couple

Asked about the claims that they were fake, Stevi said: “We just carried on being us…we haven’t got a nasty bone in our bodies,” while Chloe asserted that “people’s perceptions won’t alter the way we feel about each other.” She added of their PDAs: “nothing is more serious than passion, Emma…we had to really reign it in sometimes but we were true to ourselves.”

Explaining what he had meant when he said he needed to have a break, Stevi said: “I meant a break as in a spa….to see friends, family, my gorgeous daughter who I absolutely missed to my heart.” Asked what it was she had liked about Janice, Chloe said: “Absolutely everything…her exuberance, her sprit, her feistiness…she was a confidant.” Stevi admitted that their close interaction had left him feeling like a ‘spare wheel’ on occasion.

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