CBB Eviction - Natasha Hamilton

Atomic Kitten star Natasha Hamilton finished in third place in tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother final.

Joining host Emma Willis for a post-eviction interview she said: “I’m over the moon. I didn’t expect it…I just see myself as a mum,” conceding that she does have a ‘big gob’. Asked about living in the ‘intense house’ she revealed: “I thought I was a calm and collected person but by day two I had a knot in my tummy. It was stressful….it was like being in a pressure cooker and any moment things were going to explode”.

She noted of her difficult relationship with Farrah, “I was literally in the house 10 minutes and Farrah was screaming at me…I was shocked.  I was realty taken back.  I’d gone out to give the olive branch…I’m a lot older than Farrah and to me she is the same as Austin, she is just loud.  I never felt threatened.”

On her relationship with Jenna, she said: “It was hard because Jenna ended up being with Farrah all the time and sometimes you want to get to know someone on a one to one basis.”

“About four nights in a row, I’d gone to the bed and he’d come into the room and he’d be either singing, dancing or arguing and that night I’d just had enough. As lovely as Austin is when he’s had a drink it’s downhill from there.” – Natasha on losing her cool with Austin

Natasha said she would like James to win the show.

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