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Filmmaker Charlie Lyne’s new feature film, Fear Itself, which is constructed entirely from existing horror films, will be released exclusively on BBC iPlayer later this month.

“I got about 20 minutes into the first feature-length commission from BBC iPlayer, Adam Curtis’s Bitter Lake, before I started fidgeting with excitement about what an incredible platform it had become for weird and wonderful art — art that wouldn’t quite fit anywhere else. About a month later I somehow found myself beginning work on Fear Itself, the second feature-length commission from BBC iPlayer. No pressure then.” – Charlie Lyne, Director

Fear Itself takes viewers on a journey through fear and cinema and asks whether horror movies know us better than we know ourselves. Encouraging viewers to interrogate a diverse range of images and sounds sampled from a hundred years of cinema, Fear Itself informs and unnerves in equal measure, changing the way you watch horror movies for good.

“The last six months have been a whirlwind of experimentation, discovery and occasional terror, attempting to make a film that both evokes and scrutinises the effects of horror cinema at the same time. I’m thrilled (and more than a little anxious) to be releasing the film into the wilds of the internet, where it can finally be scrutinised in its own right.” – Charlie Lyne, Director

The film is narrated by Amy E Watson, an actor living in Glasgow and born in Canada. She grew up watching horror films, and has worked with Charlie on shaping the character of the narrator.

Fear Itself builds on the success of BBC iPlayer’s original commissions, which have attracted over 29 million requests in the last six months. The film will be released exclusively on BBC iPlayer on the 18th October.

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