Catherine Tate, Miles Jupp and Sian Gibson are to lead the cast in UKTV’s latest sitcom, Do Not Disturb, for comedy channel Gold.

The hour long comedy from Aschlin Ditta is described as a ‘hilarious romp through the bedrooms and ensuites of an unassuming hotel that forms the backdrop for a riotous sequence of liaisons – planned and otherwise – and their unexpected aftermaths.’

At the Yorick Hotel, estranged husband and wife Anna (Tate) and John (Jupp) find themselves, to their mutual surprise, attempting a reconciliation after her extra marital affair with a much younger man.

Anna has already checked into the honeymoon suite and her husband unexpectedly heads to the room a short while later. To add to their confusion, unbeknown to the couple, a 21-year-old man is lying comatose, semi-naked and asleep in the bathtub, recovering from a rowdy stag do.

What happens next will either make or break their marriage for good. Anna now has to come up with a plan to deal with well-meaning though hapless front-of-house hotel staff including receptionist Sheila (Gibson) and Neil (Steve Edge); the bathroom lothario (Dylan Edwards) and two scantily-clad escort girls (Keirston Wareing and Milanka Brooks) – all the while frantically attempting not to ignite the suspicions of her increasingly aroused husband.

Do Not Disturb is made by Lonesome Pine Productions for UKTV. The sitcom episode airs on Gold at 10pm, Wednesday January 27th.


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