ITVBe’s brand dating show, When Do You Get Off?, starts on the tonight on the channel.

It’s the series that sees one lonely-heart date four potential suitors at their workplace – be they a baker, dentist, banker or zoo keeper – to learn what they might really be like as a partner and in the hope to find true love. After two full days of dating on the job, the budding singleton will decide which one they like best and will then meet them when they get off work.

Most people spend approximately a third of their lives at work and a person’s chosen career can say a lot about them: are they brave, athletic, creative, altruistic or pedantic? Are they power crazed or demanding? With this in mind, ITVBe commissioned a YouGov survey of 1053 people to ask the great British public what they are really looking for in a partner.

Attractiveness was the fifth most important attribute when looking for a partner coming after intelligence, sense of humour, if they are kind and that they were trustworthy.

  • Being a Farmer or Builder was a more attractive career than a Footballer.


  • 18% of men surveyed said that they have had sex in the work place.


  • 32% of those surveyed said they would prefer their partner to wear a suit to work rather than a uniform.


  • A person’s wealth and their happiness is of parallel importance when singles are looking for love.

When Do You Get Off? starts tonight (Wednesday 14th October) at 8pm on ITVBe

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