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ITV has revealed some of the conversation between Johnathan Ross and Daniel Craig ahead of the one-off special James Bond’s Spectre with Jonathan Ross.

Daniel Craig has spoken to Jonathan Ross in his first sit down interview ahead of the release of Spectre. The exclusive interview is part of the one-off special, James Bond’s Spectre with Jonathan Ross, which is due to air on ITV on Saturday 17th October. Speaking about working with director, Sam Mendes, and bringing Bond’s history and character to life, Daniel said:

“We [Sam and I] both were kind of on the same page… that you’ve got to start with the character, what does that characterdo? What is his emotional journey? And then have that in a Bond movie.”

When talking about Bond the man, Jonathan referenced emotional issues going back to Bond’s childhood that have been touched on in previous films like Casino Royale and Skyfall. He also spoke about James Bond being for some, the perfect man.“Would he be someone who you could hangout with or would he be someone who you would avoid because he’s so emotionally closed?” Jonathan asked.

“That wouldn’t be the reason I would avoid him…. That would be low down the list of reasons ‘no he’s so emotionally closed’ [he laughs]. The fact that he kills people three times a week… I’ve been fortunate I suppose to meet quite a few guys from MI6 and they always impress me, they’re very together people, way more together than I could ever hope to be. I don’t know, it’s one of those things – he’s fun at a party but don’t stay too late.”

On Q and the gadgets and gimmicks associated with the character, Daniel said of the new film:

“I can’t really reveal anything but need less to say we haven’t shied away from [them]… We wanted to embrace it a bit more, traditionally Q has always been older than Bond and we’ve got a brilliant actor in Ben [Whishaw] and we wanted to use him and what he’s about and we’ve got a few things that I think you’ll like.”

James Bond’s Spectre with Jonathan Ross airs at 6.30pm on Saturday the 17th of October 2015 on ITV, UTV and STV

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