Roger Moore on Loose Women, ITV 2015

Former 007 actor Sir Roger Moore thinks Daniel Craig is great in the role of spy James Bond.

The 88-year-old star also famous for, ITC produced television action classics The Saint and The Persuaders, appeared on ITV’s Loose Women earlier today where he praised current Bond, Daniel Craig.

‘I think he’s terrific, he’s a great Bond. He looks like a killer, he really does. Frightens me!’ – Roger Moore

Looking back on his own time as the secret agent, Sir Roger joked that ‘Bond really wasn’t a spy because everybody knew him!’ And when asked if he did any of his own stunts, Sir Roger teased:

“I did a couple of the love scenes! Wasn’t easy, think of England, keep my socks on.”

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It also appears it was written in the stars that Sir Roger would one day play James Bond, as he revealed that at the time of getting the role he was living in the village of Denham, Bucks, where his telephone number was 2007. On Sam Smith’s theme song to the new Bond film, Spectre, Roger said although he hadn’t heard the full track he had heard the first few bars, which he thought sounded very Bond. Later when asked if he drove an Aston Martin, like the character, he told the loose ladies:

“No, I have a Smart (car)…in Monaco, where we live, there’s nowhere to park, so Smart is ideal…I don’t like sports cars, they’re difficult to get in and out of.”

On who he thinks should be the next Bond, Sir Roger said: ‘Why don’t they have a geriatric 007, I’ll come back!’

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Daniel Craig ITVPictured top: Sir Roger Moore, Pictured bottom: Daniel Craig is set to appear on an ITV special celebrating the latest Bond movie.

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