oy Hruby celebrates her Kickstarter success. Photo by Doug Moody.

We recently reported on the plight of the 88 year old broadcasting legend Joy Hruby who was in dire need of help from her fans.

Joy, the oldest person in the world to produce and present her own weekly television chat show, was facing an uncertain future. She urgently needed A$8,400 in order to upgrade her clapped out studio equipment so that she could continue to produce her programme, Joy’s World.

Following our news report many of you came good and backed Joy’s, Kickstarter campaign which was being run by her daughter, the actress Anna Hruby. The campaign now concluded has been fully funded; in fact a total of A$8,750 has been raised.

Joy is now in the process of purchasing new equipment and her programme will be available to watch worldwide via its new online home in the New Year. This move on to the internet has been prompted due to the demise of TVS (Television Sydney) which has lost its broadcasting licence and which previously screened Joy’s World.

In a statement to her fans Joy said, “Thank you to all the wonderful people who have helped us reach our goal, we’ll be able to get all the new equipment and go for it in 2016.”

Joy has worked tirelessly in Australian community television since 1987, and will be a familiar face to British audiences due to her numerous acting roles. Her range of credits include parts in Home & Away, playing Sister Polycarp in Brides of Christ, Fat Alice in Phoenix, and of course Fiona Thompson’s prostitute friend Millie in Sons & Daughters.

Her daughter Anna Hruby is a star of Home & Away, Prisoner: Cell Block H and The Young Doctors. Anna can now be seen in The Sullivans DVD volumes 1 and 2 playing a young English refugee called Hilda Phipson who was evacuated to Australia during the Second World War. The Sullivans can be ordered here.

Darren Gray, Joy Hruby (centre), and Anna Hruby

Pictured Top: Joy Hruby celebrates her Kickstarter success. Photo by Doug Moody. Pictured Bottom: Darren Gray, Joy Hruby and Anna Hruby. Pictured by Doug Moody.

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